We are a big embrace…

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a starting point, an open door, a constant sunrise. At Iniciativa Comunitaria we define life from hope, love, and possibility. Our greatest challenge is to change mindsets to the belief that to live for life is the only way of living.

We emphasize this approach because we recognize the existence of scenarios of great hardship and uncertainty. We know that between rays of light dwell great challenges that could turn life into long nights of eternal darkness.

Acknowledging that falling over is part of learning to jump, we have assumed the responsibility of supporting others to get up and ensuring that the instructions on how to achieve personal transformation are written in the language of hope.

Iniciativa Comunitaria is the warranty that nights are not eternal if we hope for a sunrise; that falling down doesn’t mean failure; of an embrace of love and solidarity, because we’ve learned that turning one’s life into a miracle is part of the magic of living it. – Dr. José A. Vargas Vidot

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